Visual Systems Upgrades

Visual system upgrades for the Simulation and Training market have been one of AVT’s core capabilities since its founding in 1998. Projects have ranged from complete visual system replacements, subsystem replacements, and single component replacement or additions.

AVT Simulation Visual Systems Upgrade

AVT has the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) available in visual systems capabilities for obsolescence prevention, technology refresh upgrades, and enhanced capabilities additions.

​Our knowledge of component interfaces in past visual systems, as well as the latest interface alternatives, is critical in performing effective upgrades. The visuals' main subsystems include an image display, image generator, the database, and the database generation station. AVT has worked on many visual upgrades, here are some examples below:

AVT Visual Upgrades Examples

Completed AVT Visual Simulation Projects

KC-130T Device 2F176 has been upgraded for the Navy / USMC with a completely new visual system including changing the display type from a real image to a collimated image display with NVG stimulation capability. A new image generation subsystem was interfaced with the host computer and the USMC Tactical Environment Network (TEN). A new database including 78 worldwide airports that support KC-130T operations was added and interfaced with new IOS airfield approach plates. Reliable components were used such as long-life lamp-less projectors.

Visual System studies were conducted to identify and define new technologies that allow new or improved visual system performance and concepts needed to meet emerging requirements. Studies were performed for the Navy E-2C and E-2D future simulator training needs and the USAF KC-135 and KC-10 planned visual system upgrades.

Visual database development for updates, modifications, and maintenance for the USAF KC-10 and KC-135 Trainer databases over a five-year period was completed in 2014.

​Visual Simulation Upgrade Projects

Navy Device 2H111 Landing Signal Officer Trainer (LSOT) was upgraded by AVT. The upgrade included new projectors, expanded IG and database capability, new voice recognition subsystem, and improved aerodynamics of computer-controlled carrier aircraft during landing approach responding to LSO trainee’s voice commands.

Research and Development (R&D)

AVT Simulation’s R&D activity for Air-to-Air Refueling training includes visual upgrades and development for multiple training applications. High detail database tanker and receiver models have been developed as prototypes for the AF BOWST and BOSS boom operator trainers. A second-generation visual system replacement has also been developed for the BOSS prototype that was head-tracked to address the situational awareness needs of the KC-135 boom operator training. 

Navy SBIR research contract plus AVT IRAD research is developing a reconfigurable F-18 Air Refueling Part Task Trainer that utilizes virtual reality technology to make a compact simulator with head-tracked 360° 3D stereo visibility and a high detail visual scene for the pilot trainee. This system allows trainees to perform refueling training with several computer-controlled tanker aircraft types. Included is the frequently encountered carrier-based F-18 “Buddy” tanker and the occasionally required mission tanking with a KC-135 and its challenging Boom Drogue Attachment (BDA).

Now, these R&D efforts has allowed AVT to offer its customers the Reciever Arial Refueling Trainer (RAR).

Display System Design

AVT provides cost-effective display system solutions that meet your requirements for your application. Display systems are complicated and costly. AVT provides display system solutions that seamlessly integrate with the visual image generator to provide a total system solution.



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