Virtual Reality Variants: All-In-One VS. Personal Computer

In our last post we discussed what Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are and the many different variants they come in. As previously mentioned, VR headsets can range anywhere from very cheap to quite expensive. Whichever VR fits you depends on your own personal preference and how you plan to use your VR system.

Firstly, we will discuss the difference between an all-in-one and a PC VR. Then, we will move on to more specific examples like the brand-new Oculus Quest 2 compared to its predecessors.


An all-in-one virtual reality system is a device that allows its user to enter the virtual world regardless of being tethered to a personal computer (PC). With an all-in-one, the user is mobile and free to move about the room as they are not required to be linked to a PC. These systems are great for new or casual gamers who do not need the best graphics and simply wish to have fun with little physical limitations.


PC VR systems, however, are for more advanced, pro gamers if you will. They require better graphics cards and processors, which can only be found in gaming computers, to display the absolute best VR graphics technology can manage.

Personal Computer (PC) Virtual Reality (VR) System
Photo Credit: VR Headset Authority

Choosing What is Best for You

Whichever VR system you choose could determine how enjoyable the experience. Therefore, it is critical to do the research and find the best VR that fits you. However, you are in luck as we have done most of the work for you. Next week we will describe and compare some of the most popular Virtual Reality Systems including the new Oculus Quest 2 which was just released on October 13th. Make sure to read on if you are considering trading in your Rift-S or Quest for the new Quest 2.

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