Training System Requirements Analyses (TSRA)

AVT Simulation provides the necessary processes and tools to conduct Training System Requirements Analysis (TSRA)


Training System Requirements Analyses (TSRA)

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AVT Simulation provides the necessary processes and tools to conduct Training System Requirements Analysis (TSRA). This systematic approach provides a means for an organization to collect raw data for analysis, which eventually produces refined data for building an effective training system.

The MTA (Mission/Task Analysis) is a compound analysis that collects and examines basic data on system functions, types of equipment, maintenance requirements, and education and training objectives. This data outlines the tasks that personnel conduct in support of strategic missions. The Master Task List (MTL) is a product of the MTA, and it serves as the input data for the Training Requirements Analysis (TRA).

When a training need is recognized, US Military Commands normally conduct a Training Systems Needs Analysis (TSRA) to thoroughly describe training system requirements and identify risks associated with the development and execution of the training. Mission/Task Analysis (MTA), Training Requirements Analysis (TRA), Objectives/Media Analysis (OMA), and Training Systems Basis Analysis (TSBA) are the four key operations that makeup TSRA.


Team AVT has been selected by Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, to develop the Training System Requirements Analysis (TSRA) for the Bell V-280 Valor tiltrotor as part of the U.S. Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) competition that enables the Army to project power beyond what the enduring fleet is capable of in support of the maneuver force. 

“As a former Bell employee, this win is special for me personally. I cut my teeth at Bell when I was first getting started in the Simulation industry and now absolutely thrilled to be back helping them again.”

Founder and CSO Robert Abascal said.

The V-280 is next-generation tiltrotor aircraft designed and tested to meet the demands of Multi-Domain Operations by delivering warfighters’ revolutionary reach through speed and range well beyond the enduring fleet. Bell’s flight testing since 2017 has proven the V-280’s capabilities in the air and provides a model for rapidly reducing risk and fielding a new aircraft. Learn more about the Bell V-280 Valor here.

AVT Simulation is the Prime contractor for this effort with teammates St. Moritz Enterprises and Engenix Inc. AVT Simulation is an end-to-end engineering and training solution provider with specific expertise in rotary-wing aircraft simulation. St. Moritz Enterprises’ unique solutions include instructional design, courseware development and conversion, training delivery, and on-site training services. Engenix Inc. offers unique solutions, including Program of Instruction (POI) design and development as well as ideas in training modernization, software development, Augmented/Virtual Reality, A.I., and machine learning.

“AVT is known for our ability to work on training solutions for U.S. Army Aviation platforms. With our partners Engenix and St. Moritz, we are looking forward to our new partnership with Bell”

V.P. of Business Development Kevin Vizzarri


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