Targeted Fidelity Aircraft Trainer (TFAT)

Fly mixed Multi-Aircraft operations, AH-64s, UH-60s, OH-58s, and CH-47s all conducting collective training on the virtual battlefield. The TFAT-A TFAT-B and TFAT-C allow the commander to train his crews collectively in various operating environments and rehearse prior to execution.

The TFAT is a low-fidelity training system for crews and teams.

“Your Project, Our Priority.”

This flexible trainer adapts to the changing aircraft operational capabilities and evolving Mission Essential Tasks to support Aircrews and their missions.

The US Army has a crawl-walk-run training formula. Crawl is individual pilots alone flying traffic patterns at Ft. Rucker. Walk means crews are ready to fly in teams of two or more with different airframes in the formation. Shoot, Move, Communicate. Run is combat operations. The TFAT gets your team ready to run.

Targeted Fidelity Aircraft Trainer
Targeted Fidelity Aircraft Trainer
Targeted Fidelity Aircraft Trainer