AVT Simulation’s lean and agile development processes allow us to provide training aids and devices to meet demanding schedules and requirements


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Keeping our military personnel trained on the latest equipment and concurrency upgrades is an ongoing challenge. AVT Simulation’s lean and agile development processes allow us to provide training aids and devices to meet demanding schedules and requirements. Add instructor stations, after-action reviews, battle master controls, and distributed training capabilities to create the optimal learning environment for training.


Apache Gunnery Trainer logo
Apache Simulator Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT)

Apache Gunnery Trainer

The Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT) is an all-in-one training and gaming device that prepares front-seater Apache pilots by managing the complexities of the 30 buttons, switches, and knobs along with the endless Multi-Purpose Display (MPD) pages. As the Army transitions to game-based training for collective exercises, the AGT is at the point of need for your warfighters and staff exercises.

Combined Aircrew Mission Task Trainer (CAMTT) logo

Combined Aircrew Mission Task Trainer (CAMTT)

Fly mixed Multi-Aircraft operations, AH-64s, UH-60s, OH-58s, and CH-47s, which are all conducting collective training on the virtual battlefield. Often referred to as the AVCATT lite, the CAMTT™ allows the commander to train his crews collectively in various operating environments and rehearse before execution in the field. Train your Air Mission Commanders on how to be AMC's today.


CEVT logo
Construction Equipment Virtual Simulator (CEVT) in use

Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer

The Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer (CEVT) trains Warfighters upon initial entry and transition from the classroom to the operational vehicle by proving a null risk training environment. CEVT provides realistic and challenging training using simulated terrain and movement characteristics that enable the student to transfer motor-skills from the simulator to construction equipment. CEVT allows Warfighters to perform construction tasks that vary from leveling earth to excavating a trench and from constructing a stockpile to loading a hauling unit.

dvte-prmry1 copy

Deployable Virtual Training Environment (DVTE)

DVTE is a deployable, laptop-based simulation system capable of emulating virtual organic and supporting Infantry Battalion weapons systems and training scenarios to facilitate T&R based training for the USMC. The portability of DVTE provides the USMC with the ability to train and rehearse tactical decision-making skills at any location in the world with 110VAC power, and a suite can be assembled in less than an hour.


Receiver Aerial Refueling (RAR) part-task trainer

Receiver Aerial Refueling (RAR) Trainer

RAR is a unique flight skill only performed by a select portion of military pilots and aircraft worldwide. It is a critical and hazardous task involving extreme precision for the pilots and boom operators to perform. Flight training for this task can involve expensive aircraft operating time and fuel consumption. Save funding by moving refueling flight training into simulators with pre-flight preparations. This tactic reduces in-flight first exposure delays and the required number of in-flight qualification and sustainment refueling sessions.


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