Keeping our military personnel trained on the latest equipment and concurrency upgrades is an ongoing challenge. AVT Simulation’s lean and agile development processes allow us to provide training aids and devices to meet demanding schedules and requirements. Add instructor stations, after-action review, battle master controls, and distributed training capabilities to create the optimal learning environment for training.

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Apache Gunnery Trainer logo
Apache Simulator Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT)

Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT)

The Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT) is an all-in-one training and gaming device that prepares front seater Apache pilots by managing the complexities of the 30 buttons, switches, and knobs along with the endless Multi-Purpose Display (MPD) pages. As the Army transitions to game-based training for collective exercises, the AGT is at the point of need for your warfighters and staff exercises.

Combined Aircrew Mission Task Trainer (CAMTT) logo

Combined Aircrew Mission Task Trainer (CAMTT)

Fly mixed Multi-Aircraft operations, AH-64s, UH-60s, OH-58s, and CH-47s, which are all conducting collective training on the virtual battlefield. Often referred to as the AVCATT lite, the CAMTT™ allows the commander to train his crews collectively in various operating environments and rehearse before actual execution. Train your Air Mission Commanders how to be AMCs today before getting to the theater.

Receiver Aerial Refueling (RAR) part-task trainer

Receiver Aerial Refueling (RAR) Trainer

RAR is a unique flight skill only performed by a select portion of military pilots and aircraft worldwide. It is a critical and hazardous task involving extreme precision for the pilots and boom operators to perform. Flight training for this task can involve expensive aircraft operating time and fuel consumption. Save funding by moving refueling flight training into simulators with pre-flight preparations. This tactic reduces in-flight first exposure delays and the required number of in-flight qualification and sustainment refueling sessions.

Combining Experience & Dedicated Service To Deliver Perfect Products To Our Customers

“Your Project, Our Priority.”

Visual System Upgrades

Visual system upgrades for the Simulation and Training market has been one of AVT’s core capabilities since its founding in 1998. Projects have ranged from complete visual system replacements, subsystem replacements, and single component replacement or additions. AVT has the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) related to earlier versions as well as the latest technology available in visual systems capabilities for obsolescence and technology refresh upgrades and enhanced capabilities additions.


Hardware Integration

Custom hardware controls are an essential aspect of high-fidelity simulators. Accurate replication of the physical environment not only increases realism but is often necessary to train the muscle memory required to perform tactile operations under duress. AVT is versed in integrating and supporting the hardware associated with aircraft cockpit controls, vehicle dashboards, and weaponry systems. AVT works with industry hardware manufacturers to specify, design, and build these custom controls, then integrates them with the simulator host software to create an immersive user experience.


Custom Database Services

AVT focuses on leveraging legacy systems and using the latest gaming technology to provide high fidelity custom databases at a low cost. Our terrain database development experience includes flight, ground, and maritime training environments. We use the latest commercial off the shelf (COTS) tools and have extensive knowledge of simulation standards, tools, GIS formats, and runtime platforms that are necessary to meet program requirements. Our database design process and procedures allow the customer to be involved throughout the development cycle to ensure the database meets the program requirements and exceeds expectations.

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Unity Design and Development

AVT can create all aspects of Unity development, including instructional design, development to support publishing on all delivery platforms, and all associated graphical requirements. We support both 2D and 3D unity development and combine our many years of successful simulation experience to create engaging content that operates seamlessly and can deploy on desktop trainers, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Our content includes the development of virtual operational, logistical, and maintenance trainers via the conversion of any legacy training materials as well as developing entirely new trainers, 3D models, virtual environments, virtual support equipment, and all associated courseware. The final packages can easily interface into any standard learning management system, including SCORM/xAPI requirements.

AVT provides technical and maintenance expertise throughout a program lifecycle. This program includes analysis, design, production of coding, 3D models, and courseware development, testing, delivery, and ongoing sustainment, as well as technology and concurrency requirements.


Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality

AVT supports all facets of knowledge, skills, and abilities. With these, AVT can provide AR/VR/MR simulations, so seemingly real-world scenarios and training can be experienced anywhere at any time with just a headset and controller through the use of game-based tools such as Unity. This emerging technology is especially useful for operations and maintenance training.



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Serious Gaming

AVT Simulation utilizes the latest in image generator (IG) and gaming technology, combined with cutting-edge software development for providing the highest fidelity training solutions for any company. Serious gaming has applications in many industries like defense, education, and health care. Whether it is Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), or desktop PC, AVT is trusted to utilize the latest gaming engines for training solutions, such as Havok® Vision™, VBS2™, Unity®, and Unreal Engine™.


Software Development

AVT Simulation’s software development methodology leverages existing, proven processes to support porting and integration of new functionality into operational systems. Specialized engineers with experience on similar training devices will actively direct all software development and product upgrade activities. ​AVT's software engineering approach follows CMMI Level 3 directives and IEEE 12207 Standards-based software engineering processes, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Training Solutions and eLearning

Offering a full suite of training solutions and eLearning, AVT Simulation’s training professionals integrate a wealth of combined experience to ensure knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) are trained in a multitude of approaches.


Subject Matter Experts (SME)

AVT regularly provides subject matter experts for many military and technical disciplines. These SMEs provide client programs and efforts the expertise needed to develop high quality / high fidelity solutions for their customers.


Medical Simulation

AVT Simulation has the experience and knowledge to assemble the best training aids and technology while developing a stable architecture. This includes the ability to grow in support of the Training Circular (TC) No. 8-800, Medical Education and Demonstration of Individual Competence (MEDIC), and the Combat Life Saver (CLS) Program of Instruction (POI).


Engineering Support

In addition to software development services, AVT can provide engineering support to all phases of your next project. Our System Engineers and Subject Matter Experts can perform task analysis, define requirements, and design solutions to meet your specific training needs. Our Software and Hardware engineers will develop, integrate, and test your system or upgrade. We can produce and deploy the systems to new or existing training sites as well as provide operational support. For fielded systems, AVT can provide software and logistics support to ensure your system is functioning and ensure the training mission is uninterrupted. Whether you need a new custom-built system or have an existing system in need of a tech refresh, AVT’s staff has the expertise and experience to do it quickly and cost-effectively.

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Legacy Training Systems Support

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