AVT Delivers Enhancement Upgrades to NAWCTSD System

In August, AVT Simulation delivered enhancement upgrades to the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) visual/aero assessment system with a modernized, integrated visual/aero testing suite that supports continued research for aerial refueling training. Under a Real Image Aerial Refueling Prototype and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III contract AVT delivered four new high resolution projectors with flexible mounting structures and an auto-alignment system to an existing 200 x 60 degree display screen. Also added was a new four-channel MetaVR image generator with a full North American terrain database and the air refueling database models. The models include the Navy F-18 “Buddy Tanker”, the USAF KC-135 Tanker with its’ challenging Boom Drouge Attachment (BDA), and various wingman aircraft.

AVT integrated these visual system components with the air refueling simulation computers and software developed in the previously awarded Navy SBIR Phase II contract for Air Refueling. The combined visual/simulation system was then integrated with an existing Navy F-18 cockpit hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS) controls and cockpit. This modernized aerial refueling simulation capability will allow continued Navy research of real image displays and air refueling visual and aero modeling techniques and capabilities.

AVT Simulation’s Receiver Aerial Refueling part task trainer

“Air Refueling is a high proficiency skill unique to military operations and pilots need to perform it safely every time,” stated AVT Simulation’s Chief Scientist Walt Chambers.  “It is an expensive and hazardous task to train and practice with operational aircraft. Research on the best methods of applying technology improvements to simulator training of this task offers significant cost and lifesaving opportunities led to our work in this area.”

The SBIR Phase II Contract resulted in the development of AVT Simulation’s Receiver Aerial Refueling (RAR) Part-Task Trainer. The trainer uses a virtual reality head tracked Head Mounted Stereo display that provides realistic 3d perception cues for in air refueling training. The RAR features a small footprint and is built in a self-contained shipping container for easy shipping.  This Phase III effort is the first commercialization of the air refueling trainer in a virtual training environment.

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