AVT Simulation Awarded 5 Year Contract For CCTT PDSS

ORLANDO, FL (May 15, 2018) – The Army Contracting Command, Orlando, has awarded a contract to AVT Simulation (Applied Visual Technology Inc.) on March 20, 2018 for the Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT) Post Deployment, Software Support (PDSS) lab effort in Orlando, Florida. AVT Simulation and its partners are extremely honored to have been afforded the opportunity to continue to be the ones “serving those who serve”, the Soldiers in the field and the greater Army. The CCTT PDSS supports the world’s largest ground combat simulation training platform for the Abrams Main Battle Tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) and the variations of each. The contract will cover efforts through 2023.


At U.S. Army training and simulation facilities across the nation and around the world, soldiers practice convoy, resupply and counter-IED maneuvers in realistic replicas of a wide assortment of trucks and tanks in 3D virtual environments, all without using real fuel, expending live ammunition or risking damage or maintenance costs to expensive equipment.

The U.S. Army trains teams for a host of armored vehicles and mechanized units on the Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT), a computer-driven, manned module simulator. These simulators replicate vehicle interiors in close combat units such as the M1 Abrams Tank, the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle, the Humvee and others.

The core CCTT tenets of Move, Shoot, & Communicate were successfully demonstrated in a variety of maneuver exercises and gunnery scenarios on the Ft. Hood, the National Training Center, and other locations; both in daylight and nighttime conditions.


AVT Simulation Founder and CEO, Robert Abascal, who is also celebrating his company’s 20th anniversary, stated “The CCTT program is a demonstration of the Army’s commitment to providing the best training for our warfighters. AVT Simulation is honored to continue its part of that tradition of excellence, in partnership with our incredible teammates, to ensure the men and women fighting for us have the best simulation experience possible. The greater our performance, the better our services will help our Soldiers achieve and maintain a sustained readiness.”

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Initially, Applied Visual Technology Inc., AVT has been developing modeling and simulation expertise through engineering services since 1998. This is due to our founder who has accumulated over 30 years of military MS&T expertise in aviation applications. Nonetheless, everyone at AVT specializes in making old training systems new again and making new ones for less. Consequently, for 20 years AVT has served our Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine customers by providing the highest quality of service and solutions. Following its inception, AVT’s highly specialized staff of engineers has included some of the top leaders in the simulation industry. With over 20 years of simulation experience, our dedicated team provides specialized solutions for customers with complex problems.