AVT Shines at Fort Novosel Industry Day

As one of the many contributors to the defense and aviation sectors, AVT Simulation was honored to participate in this year’s Fort Novosel Industry Day. While there, we had the privilege of sharing our insights and innovations in the realm of simulation and training technology. Taking center stage at our exhibit was the Apache Gunnery…

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AVT Simulation Joint Venture With C2 Technologies (ATSP JV) Awarded U.S. Air Force TSA IV Contract

AVT Simulation, C2 Technologies. Award. Aerospace Training Systems Partners (ATSP) Joint Venture Awarded Training Systems Acquisition 4

ORLANDO, FL – June 2, 2023 – AVT Simulation is proud to announce that our joint venture with C2 Technologies, Aerospace Training Systems Partners Joint Venture (ATSP JV), has been awarded a seat on the US Air Force Material Command’s Training Systems Acquisition IV (TSA IV) IDIQ contract. This partnership, offering a wide array of expertise and resources, will…

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AWARD ANNOUNCEMENT: AVT Simulation Awarded DVTE for Marine Corps ECS

AVT Simulation has won a task order under our Electronic and Communication Services (ECS) contract vehicle called Deployable Virtual Training Environment (DVTE). DVTE is a suite of programs that provides simulation-based training systems capable of emulating and simulating a wide variety of weapons systems and platforms utilizing high-fidelity terrain databases and realistic training scenarios. The…

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The Future of Automobiles: A Cultural Shift to AI

future of automobiles: the cultural shift to ai

A Need for Change With the development and implementation of a revolutionary, new technology like AI comes the need for change. Infrastructure, daily habits, and production investments will have to evolve to allow for safe use of automation and AI. However, with all change comes resistance and the AI revolution is no different. Resistance to…

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The Future of Automobiles: The Cons of AI

the cons of AI; depiction of a hacker

As a developing technology, the pros and cons of self-driving vehicles are plentiful. There is much to gain but even more to lose. Let’s review the benefits and downfalls. Pros of AI in Automobiles Most of the benefits of AI in automobiles can be found in our previous articles but for convenience, we have compiled…

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The Future of Automobiles: AI Transport Preparations & Traffic Management

Transport Preparations Many applications of AI in the transportation industry include solutions to transport preparations. This category includes communication network development and ride-sharing platforms. When using your phone’s GPS, it not only uses satellites to track your current geolocational position and speed, but it also uses AI to predict travel times, route optimized paths, and…

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The Future of Automobiles: Automated Truck Platooning

Future of Automobiles: AI truck platooning

Another brilliant use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) currently in the testing phase is truck platooning for shipping purposes. A truck platoon is a caravan or grouping of semi-trucks, buses, or vans that are all leaving from and arriving at the same locations. Like automated cars, truck platoons can either be fully or semi-automated. Presently, they…

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The Future of Automobiles: Tesla’s New D1 Microchip

Tesla's D1 Ai Microchip

NVIDIA & Tesla Currently, NVIDIA is the leading GPU and AI microchip manufacturers. However, since 2019 NVIDIA has not received any business from Tesla and will not in future. While Tesla is simply an automotive company, its processes are far from simple as its aim is to be seen as a tech giant. Tesla’s CEO…

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The Future of Automobiles: Autonomous Vehicles and More

Recently, we discussed how artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the healthcare and manufacturing industries. In doing so, we explored modern hospitals along with the Tesla Gigafactory. In this series, however, we are pulling out of the Gigafactory in our brand-new semi-autonomous Tesla for a quality assurance test and to review all applications of AI…

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