Orlando, FL – August 31st — After three years of resounding support from Commanders, Senior Instructor Pilots, Master Gunners, and a Commanding General of USAACE, the Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT)™ is finally on the flight line at Fort Rucker in Alabama. Developed from previous AH-64 collective trainers sold internationally, refined to support the Air Cav Leader’s course, and prototyped for the Synthetic Training Environment’s (STE’s) point of need requirement, the AGT will make front seat Apache aviators more lethal at the most critical task of the airframe, engaging the weapons systems.  

The AGT is a front seat AH-64 desktop trainer that fits in an airline-friendly case weighing no more than 50lbs. Features on the AGT include; Switchology, Top Gun Scoring Gunnery, Free play scenarios that are linkable quickly, allowing for Attack Weapons Team engagements, and courseware of selected Aircrew Training Manual tasks are some of the features that make this trainer appealing to all Apache pilots and commanders.   

“The demand for this trainer was there. Every trade show or industry day demoing the device, the constant question was, ‘how do we get these to our units?’ Now that we have our first customer, the plan is to make this trainer available across the Active and Reserve Components along with our international partners'”, said Army Aviation Hall of Famer and former Apache Pilot, Bob Monette  

Finally, after all the efforts of the AVT and the PM Apache team, these trainers are in the hands of the instructor pilots (IP’s) of the 1st -14th Aviation “Tomahawks,” 110th Aviation Brigade at Hanchey Army Airfield. After receiving training, every IP could attest to the training’s value and the unlimited potential for growth for the devices. Many development requests are already underway to make the system have more features to increase the students’ proficiency.   

“This will save a lot of wasted blade time in the real aircraft and the Longbow Crew Trainer. Student pilots will get better at the button pushes and switchology on the ground allowing IPs to focus on the more complex flying tasks.”  

said VP of Business Development Kevin Vizzarri, a former Apache Pilot.


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