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AVT is a close family of highly specialized engineers and leaders in the simulation industry based out of Orlando, FL.

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AVT Simulation Rotary Wing Trainers
AVT Simulation Fixed Wing Trainers
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Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT)®

The Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT)® is an "all in one" part-task procedural trainer that prepares front seaters by managing the complexities of the various buttons, switches, and knobs along with the endless Multi-Purpose Display (MPD) pages

Apache Simulator Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT)
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AVT is a close family of highly specialized engineers and leaders in the simulation industry based out of Orlando, FL.

2020 AVT Simulation Icon Logo White
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Combining Experience & Dedicated Service to Deliver Perfect Products to Our Customers

“Your Project, Our Priority.”

Fixed Wing Trainers

RAR is a unique flight skill only performed by a select portion of military pilots and aircraft worldwide. It is a critical and hazardous task involving extreme precision for the pilots and boom operators to perform.

Rotary Wing Trainers

AVT Simulation has Rotary Wing Trainers such as the Apache Gunnery Trainer™ (AGT) and the Combined Aircrew Mission Task Trainer (CAMTT) to train its crews in simulation before getting to the theater. 

Maintenance Training

Maintenance Training for the armed forces using simulation is a product & service of AVT’s core capabilities. Using Augmented Reality to view an engine piece by piece to better understand how to operate and fix is a key capability to better Maintenance Training. 

Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality

Supporting all facets of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities, AVT can provide AR/VR/MR simulations so that real-world feeling scenarios and training can be experienced anywhere and at any time with just a headset and controller through the use of game-based tools such as Unity. 

Training Solutions and eLearning

Offering a full suite of training solutions and eLearning, AVT is a full spectrum training provider starting at Training System Requirements Analysis (TSRA) development and ending in stand-up instruction using AVT built courseware and training devices.

Custom Database Services

AVT focuses on leveraging legacy systems and using the latest gaming technology to provide high fidelity custom databases at a low cost. Our terrain database development experience includes flight, ground, and maritime training environments.

AVT Simulation is an Orlando-based, end-to-end systems integration and full-service modeling and simulation small business. 

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Since its inception, AVT’s highly specialized staff of engineers has included some of the top leaders in the simulation industry. With an average of over 20 years of simulation experience, our dedicated staff provides specialized solutions for customers requiring on point solutions to complex problems

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AVT 101: Simulation Overview
4 Days
9 am - 4 pm
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AVT 202: Visual
4 Days
9 am - 4 pm
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If you have any questions about AVT or our products, feel free to reach out and ask. We will be happy to help. 


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